Finding Fantasy Hockey Sleepers to Draft a Winning NHL Draftkings Lineup

When drafting a daily fantasy hockey lineup I first like to find value picks. That doesn't mean someone who cost $2,500 that luckily gets a hatty. I'm talking about looking at everything the player is bringing to the table that night, and if they are inline to produce at a good rate. That is what makes a good fantasy hockey sleeper. I would consider a good rate being 1 draftkings fantasy pt to every $1,000 spent. A good NHL draftkings lineup will need over 50 fantasy points to contend for the top prizes. Based off that logic, you want everyone on your NHL draftkings lineup to be producing above 1 fantasy point per $1,000 spent. The most reliable way to do this is finding players who shoot often or block shots often. All of these choices are for the classic game variant on draftkings. The price valuation is also based off of draftkings, there for do your due dilligence if you're playing on fanduels. 

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